APRS display of NCPACKET stations

This is a screenshot of the APRS.FI map from January 5, 2020.
Click to get full 3152x1730 pixel screenshot

The live map shows icons with "BBS" for each of our nodes. If, on the live map, you clicked on the BBS icons you'll get info on how to find our web site and where each node links to.

The point of this is to attract people who are getting into APRS and show them that there is another system (our ncpacket!) they can learn about. We also get an easy to generate geographically representative map of our network.

Aaron KN4ORB, is mastermind and manager of the scripting which puts our icons on the map. At some point we want the individual stations to report their displayed lattitude and longitude such that a packet network crawler can find it (INFO?) and then update APRS.FI. Check in with Aaron on CHAT if you'd like to participate in the crawler software development.

The way APRS.FI works is, stations send APRS formatted messages, vie the Internet, to APRS.FI which displays the icon and info. For mobile station location, the mobile may generate a packet on 144.39 which is packed up by an Internet Gateway which then passes the packet to APRS.FI. By default a visitor to APRS.FI will see the postings which have been received in the past hour. Aaron's script updates APRS.FI about all of our nodes just slightly more frequently than that.

To generate a live map so you can see the icon behavior, do these steps:

Go to APRS.FI, navigate to North Carolina,
click on the filter icon in the icon list on the far right of the screen
Click on the plus icon to specify a new filter.
We're going to filter for destination-callsign. This says that in every transmitted packet that gets to the APRS server, only ones sent to this callsign are to be shown.
Give it our special TARPN Packet Network destination callsign. #0 is our first filter item. There may be more. So, type APTPN0    (upper or lower doesn't matter)
You should get back here. At this point your screen should show just "BBS" icons which are mostly the TARPN nodes in the NCPACKET network. Just close the filter list with the 'x' button.
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